Instant downloads of all 1345 LitChart PDFs In people, the darkness manifests as greed. Lizzie runs away. Our -Graham S. Clary is a great friend to Lina, but more importantly, she helps Lina figure out the mystery of the Builders' message, and encourages her to seek the truth. A small group of greenhouses near the trash heaps that supplies some of Ember's food like potato and cabbage,Clary works there.Lina's father work there before he was murdered by … Q.

As the generator starts to decay and the people of the city grow more scared, he gives speeches to motivate the citizens, although these speeches are usually less effective, since he uses an apparently faulty megaphone, which makes his speech hard to understand. He’s a massive, gray-faced man whose eyes seem to look out on people from tunnels. Cole was the mayor of Ember during the events of the first book. 60 seconds . “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. He’s huge, but with a head that seems too small for his body. The next day, Lina catches Lizzie before work and gets her to admit that her boyfriend, Looper, finds things in supposedly empty storerooms and shares them with her. SURVEY . Ember’s mayor. She is worried they will get a disease from sifting through the trash. Also, Lina's able to confide in Clary about the mayor's treachery, which puts Clary in an important supporting role for Lina (one of our protagonists). Clary sighs that there’s darkness everywhere in Ember, even inside the people. In people, the darkness manifests as greed.

Tags: Question 12 . They discuss whether they can still make their announcement at the Singing in a few hours, but there are always guards there.
Lina seeks out Clary and asks her to come look at the Instructions. When Clary looks at the Instructions, she suggests that the title is “Instructions for Egress”—Instructions to leave the city.
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who is clary in the city of ember

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