There was also Yeqon (or Yaqum, “he shall rise”), Gadreel (“wall of God”), Penemue (“the inside”), and Kasdaye (“Chaldean”, “covered hand”).Asbeel was mentioned as the second of the five Watchers who led the others astray and made them to lust after humans. However, this isn’t where his evils end. Realizing that she was trapped, she had tried to fight off the demons around her but was unable to kill them all due to their regeneration and Hell’s atmosphere weakening her. Asbeel also mentioned the threat of the Khaos Brigade who she had found sometime before. When meeting new people, she is initially cold and hostile to them until she starts warming up to them.

Known for her brutality and ruthless, she became a feared name due to her countless battles against many different which range from Archdemons, Seraphim, Creatures of the Night to even Evil Dragons, beings known for their ferocity. The eye was from when she had fell in the Corrupted Inferno from her hatred of God. True to the meaning of her name, Asbeel has completely abandoned himself from God and His grace. Asbeel along with all of the main cadres excluding Satanael himself had be sent by the latter to deal with a rouge invasion of stray demons from Hell within southern Mesopotamia because of a new Hell gate being created there. After being expelled from Heaven, Lucifer became associated with the names Satan and Devil.The last four angels are not archangels, but rather angels who were cast down from Heaven because of their actions. Ascaroth: démon intermédiaire démon. She rather enjoys riling others up at given chances, though she also has a softer, gentler side to her that comes out at times. After being 'jobless' she wander around the universe before accidentally entering one of the many gates of Hell. They are one of the four cadres that believe that all other supernatural races must be destroyed so humanity can grow on their own. In one version of the myth, Metatron is a highly ranking angel who was created by God to endure the burden of many responsibilities. However, this comradery is closer than it is with others as shown by Asbeel hiding Kokabiel's activities from Azazel and other cadres. Hailing from the free city of Frest, he is a 15-year-old Mage who is Ced's pupil and one of Leif's close friends.
True to the meaning of his name, Asbeel has completely abandoned himself from God and His grace. The story of Metatron is one of the reasons he is so interesting. When Satanael sacrificed himself to stop Yaldabaoth from destroying the world, Asbeel cried and was crying for the rest of the war, ironically making her survive the war, something Satanael asked her to do before it started. Asbeel is very beautiful young woman, she possess to two red eyes with one white and one black sclera which is hidden behind her eye patch. In battle, she is confident, and will not hesitate to completely destroy her opponents. He disguises himself as a human and goes on an adventure with Tobiah, the son of Tobit.
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