Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas was born on 2nd September 1943 and died in 2003. Hope she’s doing well.Yes, that’s what we read as well, but they said that 2003 is what is speculated, but no one actually knows for sure.I once read she is / was at the state hospital in camirllo CA .I would read a book about her lifeIn this day and year (2018), with All the High (Computer) Technology, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN’T FIND OUT if Dorothy Dandridge daughter (Haroljyn Suzanne Nicholas) is still living or deceased.This is time (the year 2018), with All the High (Computer) Technology available, THERE’S NO WAY YOU CAN’T FIND OUT if Dorothy Dandridges daughter (Haroljyn Suzanne Nicholas) is still living or deceased.So sad how we were treated then and it sill exists today in these yet United States ….to have to give up a child…I thank you for creating the article, I am sharing this to others sites. But, if you are familiar with films like Carmen Jones and Porgy and Bess of the 1950s, you must also be able to remember the lead characters Carmen Jones and Bess, both portrayed by one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, Dorothy.

Ruby Dandridge, who liked to concoct her own version of the events of her life, passed on to her daughter Dorothy a genealogy that was dubious but held some elements of truth.

on January 18, 1983. After Jones' father heard them sing, Ruby Dandridge decided that the three should form a singing group. I have heard that her was in another hospital in California some time ago.I would love to find out what you two were able to discover regarding the whereabouts of Harloyn Suzanne Nicholas. Lynn, as she was fondly called by her mother for short; was born with a speech defect and did not have the capacity to recognize or communicate with anybody, including her Dorothy her mother.An excerpt from an old interview where she spoke about Harolyn, for the first time publicly reads; “she has no conception of time, she doesn’t even know I’m her mother” “how terrible is it never to be able to really speak to your child”.Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas was a happy child, but circumstances leading to her birth proved a difficult one which will leave her with the mental capacity of a four year old child, for the rest of her life.

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what happened to dorothy dandridge daughter

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