Set Bonus: 4 Equipped - If you have no Elf-shot, you can perform Ranged Attacks by consuming 25% of your max Health. Completing a set leads to some severe bonuses. Find the Bright Lord's Armor behind the Ithildin Door in Minis Ithil.
Set Bonus: 4 Equipped - Picking up Mirin recovers 2 Health per Mirin gained. Middle Earth: Shadow Of War features a variety of exciting challenges and objectives, including Online Vendettas. Shadow of War All Skills and Upgrades: The Ultimate Beginners Guide; Shadow of War: How Death Threat works; Death Threat can be issued to any Captain in Mordor and it will rise their level with +5. So fought him till his HP was low, summoned spiders, he runs away in fear, Shadow Strike kill. I also had the Red Perfect Gems set to increase damage on all of my weapons, armor, cloak, and ring to inflict maximum damage.

Gain X wrath on stealth kills.

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Shadow Of War Mystic Legendary Gear Set. Increases poison damage by X amount. Running into or getting intel one by one on captains, hoping to find a legendary isn't the best way to work on completing Legendary sets, but it is viable. X focus recovery per kill. The Silver War Chest is the only thing you should buy without hesitation.

Set Bonus: 2 Equipped - Slowly drains your health, but briefly increases damage 40% after Drain or Dominate. Quick throw gains X might every 42 seconds. Set Bonus: 2 Equipped - Shadow Mount unbroken graugs.

X% increased damage when hit streak is 10+. Wraith chain executions consume X% less focus. You can track how many pieces of each set you have and what bonuses you have available from the rightmost icon in your inventory.The sets in the game, as well as instructions to unlock their individual pieces, follow below: Killed Enemies have x% chance to explode.
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