When Frances learns of the contents of the vial after Joan brings it home, she takes it and drinks the tears. A few chandeliers. Melancholy Play.


The play moves through many forms: farce, direct audience address, self-narration, two-person scenes, poetry, and shared monologues to explore and reveal the effects of melancholy and happiness.

Perhaps a real balcony, opening into the night air.that there is a certain amount of necessary mourning--rice, the moon, wheat, childhood, men’s hats, tides on a marsh, fingernails—the repressed melancholia may lead to other disturbances of the mind—may I here remind you of the god-mother who was not invited to sleeping beauty’s baptism—the odd times in between morning afternoon and evening:And my sadness-there is a cap on it, so it cannot get out.Lorenzo, who plays the harp, in the dark, you might think.Lorenzo, with kisses like Mediterranean apples, you might think.I am an orphan.

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