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MEDIUM: Brushing a few times per week is enough to keep your Border’s coat healthy. The BTCA reports that restoring the coat of a clipped dog can mean two or three hand strippings and notes it is "very hard work. Trim the nails. If you don't show, you have options.Your border terrier's basic maintenance consists of a good weekly brushing and regular nail trimming. Originally bred to keep the fox population under control, these feisty terriers have incredible stamina and determination. Certified Pet Groomer. Now that you have all your stripping knives and brushes ready and have tired your furry friend out, it is time to start stripping them.We use a stripping table and it makes a hell of a difference when it comes to getting a great strip.
The adorable border terrier's coat doesn't shed out without assistance.While your border terrier wiry coat doesn't require much in the way of daily maintenance, he should have his coat stripped semi-annually. Be prepared to take a good few hours out of your day as stripping Lily is usually a two or three-hour job, with a few loo breaks in between for her.The easiest thing to do when stripping is to start at the neck or one part of your pooch then go down from there, don’t just randomly do odd bits here and there. This is how you will know you are stripping properly.Fig 4) Continue pulling the coat in the direction of the growth, exposing the shoulder and pulling back over the barrel of the dog. When your Cairn terrier’s nails are clicking on the ground, you’ll know it’s time to trim them. While their characteristic shaggy appearance makes grooming fairly simple, they do have unique needs. On this particular dog I like to pull from the front of the leg and wrap it around to the back of leg.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from New York University and an Associate of Arts from the American Academy of Dramatics Arts, New York City. One solid movement from the elbow and shoulder is best.Fig 3) Every few pulls, check the hair you are pulling for breakage. There are a few different brushes and stripping knives to get if you haven’t already, as they make everything so much simpler.This is a professional coarse stripping knife, , and it makes such a difference when grooming your Border Terrier. This KONG ZoomGroom brush is perfect for getting any dead hairs out and provides a clean finish after stripping. The first few times we stripped Lily, we just put her on a regular table, and it was so much harder!However, stripping tables can be a bit pricey so you can make do without; it will just be a little bit harder.

Start by using one hand to grasp your dog's skin at his shoulder firmly. While some terrier cuts require precise lines and elaborate furnishings, border terriers should look shaggy instead of over-groomed.If you’re not confident about stripping your border terrier’s coat, ask a local breeder or border terrier club for a referral to a good groomer.Make sure any groomer you use is knowledgeable about stripping a border terrier, and tell them that you do not want your dog clipped. The area shouldn't move when you begin stripping the hair. This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. They were originally bred to help on foxhunts and are dogs that need fairly minimal grooming thanks to their practicality as a working pooch. This will cover pet strips that you can offer your clients every day!
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