Other articles where History of the Indies is discussed: Bartolomé de Las Casas: The Apologética and the Destrucción: …introduction to his masterpiece, the Historia de las Indias. Thousands of historians have written about it from this questionable evidence. He was among the earliest friars to arrive in New Spain in 1534 and, if he is the author of this manuscript, he quickly recognized the native population’s interest in preserving their historical memory of the conquest. Others, especially in the south and what is now Central America, spoke various dialects of Mayan. One can scroll up and down to see the other versions of the sources.Contains some interesting images from the codices critical of de Alvardo.A sixteenth century manuscript which includes illustrations drawn by indigenous people. The excerpt that follows details events on Hispaniola, the Caribbean island first conquered and settled by Spain.

Reading images introduces challenges of its own. To avoid student confusion, I also standardized the spelling of names and places across sources even though they differed in the original documents.Prior to the arrival of the Spanish, the indigenous populations wrote in a pictographic style and used paintings as vehicles for writing history. This volume was most useful for its Atlas and illustrations.

Arriving in Spain he was met by a barrage of accusations, many of them based on his Confesionario and its 12 rules, which many of his opponents found to be in essence a denial of the legitimacy of Spanish rule of its colonies, and hence a form of As a part of Las Casas's defense by offense, he had to argue against To settle the issues, a formal debate was organized, the famous Having resigned the Bishopric of Chiapas, Las Casas spent the rest of his life working closely with the imperial court in matters relating to the Indies.

Obviously, this introduces its own problems of translation, which are divorced from the issues of translation addressed above. chapter 1532 | 3 pages It appears that it was a Spanish publication for the Spanish, whereas earlier versions may have genuinely attempted to preserve the Nahuas’ historical memory regardless of their devastating critiques of Spanish actions. Moreover, in producing this project, I discovered that artists often “copied” originals or sometimes provided their own drawings, which were similar but different from the original paintings. It is a collection of primary sources from the Nahuas and the Spaniards. Of Things of the Indies: Essays Old and New in Early Latin American History. But, rather than a chronicle, it is a…

Chronicle History of the West Indies book. Im Mexican but I´m living in Chicago since August 2014. Sahagún’s revised version is the manuscript commonly known as the Florentine Codex. But during much of the conquest, Cortés’s letters could be interpreted as an attempt to justify his deliberate failure to obey Diego Velázquez de Cellar, the Spanish governor in Cuba, the sponsor of his expedition.

Used to put together material to help students think about what they are looking at.Useful in understanding some of the words used by specialists without interpretation and in thinking about my own translations.An excellent introduction to Malinche and her role in the conquest of Mexico.An expanded version of her earlier essay that appeared in Compares Spanish and indigenous accounts of the conquest. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bartolomé de las Casas on Spanish Treatment of the Indians, from History of the Indies (1528) CHAPTER 1. The colonist would only have rights to a certain portion of the total labor, so that a part of the Indians were always resting and taking care of the sick.

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