Lives in the saharan desert and is very skinny and has big ears.Any cheetahs and leopards are 10/10 including lionsCheetahs are the Fastest Animals.

They are mostly seen in the rainforests, coastal scrublands, woodlands and swamps to the deserts, steppes and mountains. According to The average top speed of the Cheetah is 112 kilometres per hour / 70 miles per hour, which makes them the fastest animal of the big cats, or indeed any animal that moves on foot. With 25% larger paws and claws, and canines twice as long as a Lion. The lion may go by the name "king of the jungle", but that's a lie, they don't even LIVE in the jungle. I was apparently mistaken in believing that Leopards were faster than Tigers since according to that page, the average top speed of the Tiger is 96 kilometres per hour / 60 miles per hour. There are many instances on record, most famously the Romans often had them fight to the death for entertainment. The average lifespan of lions if 15 years in the wild.Eurasian lynx has a total of four species named as Spanish, Canadian, Eurasian lynx and the bobcat. The fastest animals – Top 10 and Top 100 Top speed of Animals. And they are not as lazy as u think because they have keep watch for other lions and fend them off. I went to the Brevard zoo yesterday and SAW ONE! They are beautiful and they are much better survivors and they are the smartest of the big cats.I love both cougars and dogs and it was amazing when I heard that a dog named Angel saved a tween from a mountain lion. A tiger's diet consists of deer, crocodiles, gaur, and even bears. I'd expect them to be the fastest of the big cats because they have weaker bodies and lighter bones, but they have leaner bodies which helps them to run faster. However in practice I did read a book that stated that Leopards were slightly faster than Jaguars. So the average mass of a lion an tiger is nearly equal.

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fastest big cats in order

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