Oh, and they also despawn very quickly.Beetle has a bunch of different kinds of lizards depending on stables.

It is easier than farming by catching.Yea this.

They're all around the Kakariko area, and pretty much any other area with grass and trees.The grass near Dueling Peaks Stable has a ton. Just warp to stables and clean beetle outGet a picture of a lizard the compendium than target with sensor.

This will knock them unconscious and you can take them. Same goes for the rocks, though when picking up the rock, you can just spam activate and you'll probably grab them before Link has the rock above his head.A good place to farm fireflies is around stables or otherwise in grassy areas and, from what I've heard, Kakariko Village. View Comments. They can commonly found wherever there is tall grass. You should probably also sneak, which should of been the first thing you thought of when trying to get closer to them.From my experience, doing this has allowed me to (when sneaking) get in a group of fireflies and just spam activate, though often times I could just run (not sprinting and consuming stamina though) into them and spam activate, and I would get most of them before they got too far.For hightail lizards, its pretty much the same thing,except you likely won't find much groups of them, though they also hide under small rocks and in grass, which can reveal them when cut with a sword-like weapon (also those crickets that make restore stamina elixers and fairies can be revealed from cutting grass). There's also a ton around the cabin the old mans cabin on the great plateau. Around dusk?Buy lizards from beetle at Lakeside and South akkala stables. You'll be done in no time.ugh I set my sensor on them and I hear the BEEP BEEP "Link is hot, I gotta say, Link is hot." Video. Link can cook with them and monster parts to create Hasty Elixirs, which increases movement speed. [SPOILERS] Hightail Lizards.

In my quest to max out all the gear, I primarily farmed them in Hateno village (usually behind the houses or in the woods by the farm) or around the Great Fairy in Akkala. - Reggie Fils-aime, Nintendo presidentOn trees and in the grass in the Necluda region, do your best lawn mower impressioni think i found all mine at the woodland stable, put on your sensor and let it ripDetect them with a sensor and they will keep spawning near the last one you picked up. ... since when I was farming Sunset Fireflies for the Sheikah Armor there was like 10 of them all near each other by a waterfall. 12-15 fireflies spawn in kakariko at night.Try wearing the sheikah set, each piece will lower the amount of noise you make,which will allow you to get closer to them before they notice you.I would also recommend un-equipping your bow, shield, and melee weapon as well, which will lower the amount of noise you make even more and allowing link to move faster. You'll get what you need easily.Hightail Lizards are pretty obnoxious. Cut the grass with the spin attack with a two-handed sword, and then instead of canceling the spin attack, release it once there is a lizard in sight. For the fireflies use stealth armor and slowly approach them when the spawn. Spam low level spin attacks to cut grass.Gureto MajinGa Has been an ICON on Manga since early 70s, if you never heard of it, you don't know manga or anime.

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