''They had barely gotten to know each other when he died, and afterward she wanted to know him better. A colleague of Silberglied's remembers him saying, ''She's shorter than I am, she's Jewish and she loves insects.''

Wilson, the famous biologist. Sometimes I have my days. Here are historic and current photos from the incident. He was headed from Washington to Panama for research, but first he was going to stop in Florida to tell his parents the news of his engagement. The pilot, Captain Larry Wheaton, aged 34, was hired by Wheaton was described by fellow pilots as a quiet person, with good operational skills and knowledge, who had operated well in high-workload flying situations. A letter from Williams's mother, Virginia, to Reagan, asking that her son be named as the hero, prompted a Coast Guard investigation. There were only five survivors. ''That's the joy side. She seemed to fold up within herself, they say, after he died.Lenny Skutnik reaches under the dresser in his bedroom and pulls out the Rockport shoebox in which he keeps the videotapes of his daring act and its aftermath. It got into living rooms.

From October 1977 to October 1980, he had been a fighter pilot in the The first officer was described by personal friends and pilots as a witty, bright, outgoing individual with an excellent command of physical and mental skills in aircraft piloting. ''She and her brother looked strikingly alike, with strong bone structure and huge, dark eyes. Military personnel from the Pentagon raced to the scene to help in rescues. She pops it into the VCR, and there she is in the water, pieces of ice as big as doors bobbing around her. They invited her to visit and she went, staying in the bedroom that used to be his, looking through his things. The crash of flight 90 into the icy Potomac River on January 13, 1982 defined the beginning of the end for Air Florida.

When the plane went down he was in the middle of a divorce, and he went back to his parents' home to recover. On Sunday, the nation's capital was pummeled with up to 8 inches of snow, the first significant winter storm in Washington in more than three years. Typical of upstart low-cost carriers, Air Florida frequently hired youthful pilots who worked for less money than veterans and were for the most part seeking to gain flight experience prior to joining a major airline.There is disagreement over whether the Air Florida crash was a significant factor in the company's failure. There is the yellowed article dated 1962 from a New York newspaper about the 15-year-old Flatbush boy who is ''much better at catching flies than fly balls.'' Twenty years ago, Air Florida Flight 90, on its way from Washington National Airport to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, crashed seconds after takeoff, its wings frosted with snow and ice. ''I was reborn Jan. 13,'' she says now.When the plane took off, she was Kelly Duncan, 22, looking like a teenager with her braces and bangs. But by the time she got to the hospital, she says, she knew God was real. She felt guilty that she wasn't nicer to the passengers. Ken Kaye of the January 1982 airliner crash near Washington, D.C., USAn Air Florida Boeing 737-222 similar to the one involved

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